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Flight Tracker Premium.
For every airport in Canada and the world (2500+) you get:
+Live Arrival and Departure boards
+Alert 24 hours before departure with checkin
+Arrival and departure alerts plus map to airport
+Shop online at the airport
+Terminal maps
+Food and restaurants
+Ground transportation

Includes "Get Offers" which lets you enter your info once and get full offers from 5 airlines and flight search engines displayed in separate windows for easy comparison. Instead of typing in your data at each airlines website, we do it for you. Also, compare the cheapest flights from all nearby airports--no other app provides this.

Next Flight so you can find the next available flight if your current flight is delayed or canceled.

Check-in, flight status, baggage, seats, for your flight all at your fingertips.

We include Toronto Airport, Montreal Aeroport, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec, Moncton, Windsor, Regina, Toronto City, Thunder Bay, Saskatoon, London, Hamilton, Victoria, St Johns, and all the medium and small airports.

We also include Chicago, Denver, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Diego, Portland, Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Brussels, Copenhagen, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Vienna, Amsterdam, Marseilles, Nice, Lyon, Zurich, Prague, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Sydney, Tokyo, Mumbai, Santiago, Beijing, Hong Kong, and all the small and medium airports of the world.

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