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Lovely Widget Plus - a widget in the form of heart for your phone screen .
Express their love for their second halves or a loved one , a simple click on the heart in the widget you can write SMS or call my dear man.
So with the help of loving the widget you will never forget the amount of time you have spent together since your first meeting or any important event in your life , such as weddings .
Place as many hearts in various colors and sizes on the screen of your phone.
Hearts look nice and will delight you and your loved ones.
In the paid version, you can choose different kinds of hearts (About 20 kinds of the heart) , and change the text color on the heart as you want.

Available widget sizes:
* Small (1x1) - small heart with your inscription ( for example with the name of your young man or woman )
* Medium (2x2) - medium heart with inscription
* Large (4x2) - medium heart with inscription and a beautiful ribbon , which is counting the time spent together

Capabilities of the paid version :
 - About 20 kinds of the heart
 - Change the text color on the heart
 - Choose the default action when you click on the heart

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