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The Feedly app with the best offline experience.
The first and only that stores full article for those moments without connection!

"Something has just clicked with us in using this latest revamp" - windowsphonedaily.com
"an app that really screams Modern UI" - wpcentral.com
"An absolutely superb example of a WP app done right" - Gareth


* Offline reading *
Flux has the best offline reading experience, seriously. You will find everything you need to enjoy your reading offline.
It stores RSS content, mobile optimized full article and associated images while you're online, so you don't have to worry about the connection later. Isn't cool?
Flux pioneered the reader app with image caching and it is now the first app with mobilized caching.

* In-app browser *
Flux features a full in-app browsers that gives you the power of the navigation at your fingertips.
Looking to switch between mobilized or original article? Go back to previous page? Share with your friends?
It's all there.

* Instant Reading *
You don't have to wait for the sync to finish to start reading articles, with Flux you can do it immediately.

* Live Tiles *
You can pin as many feeds/folders as you want to the Start screen (dedicated Tiles in full version only). You'll see at a glance the unread count, title and image of the latest article!
(Not available in low memory devices)

* Try It *
Wanna see Flux in action? The Trial version is fully functional and Free!


- Up to 15K articles
- Double tap to toggle read/unread, add/remove star or send to Instapaper/Pocket
- Read articles in preview, mobilized or original version
- Swipe left/right to see next/previous article
- 2-way sync with Feedly (all secure SSL communication)


Logo and background by Alessandra Balzani.


* What's new in 4.0/3.0 *
- Mobilized caching
- Completely new, revamped reading page
- 3x faster image caching
- Swipe left/right for next/prev article

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